Weight Loss Calculators and Quizzes

Weight loss calculators can help track your progress in areas like BMI and body fat percentage. I know you want to lose weight and that’s your main way of measuring progress, but it’s not all about the weight on the scale! I’ve also included weight loss calculators and quizzes to help you find good foods to eat and exercises to burn those calories.

Here’s what I want you to do…

  • If you haven’t run the Ready to Lose Weight Quiz, do it first or do it again if it’s been a week or more.
  • Explore the others and pick 1 or 2 that you like. Run the ones you like right now and print out your results as a baseline.
  • Rerun the ones you picked every week or so and compare the results to your first and latest printouts.

Getting Started

Understanding Calories

  • Calorie Needs Per Day Calculator
    This weight loss calculator will show you how many calories you burn in an average day.
  • Calories Burned in a Day Calculator
    This calculator gives you a pretty good idea how many calories you burn in a day. It starts with your resting or basal metabolism, adjusts for your lifestyle, and lets you enter your exercises or activities.
  • Resting Metabolic Rate or RMR Calculator
    Many calorie calculations are based on your resting (or basal) metabolism, which is the number of calories you burn each day even if you don’t get out of bed.
  • Nutrition Needs Calorie Breakdown Calculator
    To maintain a balanced eating routine, you need to know where your daily calories should come from. Enter your gender and your daily calorie nutrition needs and this calculator will show you how many of your nutrition needs should come from fat, protein, fiber, sugars, and total carbohydrates.

Search Food and Exercise

  • Food Nutrition Facts Labels
    Get nutrition facts labels for thousands of foods. You are writing down all the foods you eat in your journal, right? This will help you keep an eye on those calories!
  • Exercise Calories Calculator
    Look up exercises and find out how many calories you did or could burn. Find some new activities to burn those calories faster!

Monitor Your Progress

  • BMI Calculation (Body Mass Index)
    Body Mass Index, or BMI, is one of the biggest buzzwords in health and medicine right now. It seems like everybody wants to know their BMI. Find out yours!
  • Body Fat Percentage Calculator
    If you don’t see results on the scale that seem to match how your body feels, you’re probably developing muscle while lowering your percentage of body fat. That’s a good thing! Run this calculator every now and then to keep tabs on your progress.
  • Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator
    Are you an apple or pear? Reduce you risk of heart disease as your waist to hip ratio improves.
  • Full Body Analysis Calculator
    Get a full body analysis in one calculator. Quickly find out your BMI, waist to hip ratio, body frame size, ideal weight, body fat, RMR, calories burned, target heart rate, and maximum heart rate. This may be the only weight loss calculator you need to monitor your progress!

Other Tools

  • Average Life Expectancy Calculator
    According to Dr. Ralph Paffenbarger you increase your average life expectancy by 2 hours for each hour of vigorous exercise. (Recent results of a study of over 17,000 Harvard alumni started in 1962.) Enter your exercise habits to calculate how many hours you have exercised or will exercise over time and the resulting increase in your average life expectancy.
  • Food Disorder Quiz
    Know the warning signs of an eating disorder. Test yourself periodically to make sure you’re not developing one.
  • Future Date Calculator
    Know the expiration date of your “money back guarantee” so you can return that purchase if you want to.