Tips for Losing Weight: Day 240

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Day 240
Tips for Losing Weight
Tip #240 for Losing Weight -
Tip #240 for Losing Weight -
If you never feel hungry
you may be eating too much or too often.
It takes a few days of eating less to get used to not feeling full. But it feels so much better after you get used to it.

How to Get the Most Out of Each Tip

  • Print out your new tip each day. Cut around the dotted line and put it where you will see it often throughout the day - on the fridge, on your desk, on your bathroom mirror, etc.
  • Read it. Think about it. Pay attention to which tips motivate you and make you want to do better.
  • Start making a collection of your favorite tips. Keep them handy. (I'm guessing you'll need some of the best ones again sometime.) Which ones to keep?
    • Does it give you hope?
    • Does it sound like a good idea?
    • Did it really ring true the first time or two you read it?
    • Did you think about it often throughout the day?
    • Has it helped you think about losing weight a little differently?