365 Tips for Losing Weight

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Use One Each Day to Keep You Focused

These tips for losing weight are a good way to keep focused on your weight loss goal throughout each day. To lose 50 pounds in under 6 months I thought up a new tip each day. The tip for the day was the one I focused on, but quite often one of the previous tips would pop into my head, especially in situations where they had helped me before.

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Why 365 Tips? Is it Going to Take a Year for Me to Lose Weight?

Probably not, but it might. And that’s OK. Even if it doesn’t take a year to lose the weight you want, you need to keep reading new tips for a while to help you keep the weight off and learn to maintain your new weight for the rest of your life. If you keep adding new tips for losing weight for the whole year, you’ll know to keep an eye on your weight and begin to take corrective action when it’s moved up just a few pounds. And you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

Have you run the Ready to Lose Weight Quiz? This will give you a good idea of how successful you can expect to be. If the quiz shows you may not be ready, it’s OK to get started. Your weight loss may be a little slower at first, but these tips for losing weight will definitely help you get ready. Run the quiz again every few days and you’ll see that you are improving.

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