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You may have had an extra slice of pie or one too many cinnamon buns over the holidays, but spring is on the way… And starting now you’re going to drop pounds and get in shape. By this time next year, you’ll be a slimmer, trimmer, healthier you. Just as soon as you finish this last serving of marshmallow sweet potatoes.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. About 33% of resolution-makers promise to lose weight. But making a promise is different from actually following through – so who will you be this year? If this year is going to mean a new you, it’s time to say goodbye to fad diets and hello to real diets that work. It won’t always be easy, because the best way to lose weight is through hard work, self-control, and exercise. But you can do it with right combination of information and willpower…And if you need a secret weapon, consider a physician-guided weight loss program, such as those available through The Center for Medical Weight Loss, the largest group of weight loss physicians in the US. The Center’s physicians use individualized diet and exercise programs and have produced thousands of weight loss success stories by focusing on each person’s unique needs and lifestyle choices—they help you keep your promise over the long-term, not just until next month.

So, what are some basic tips for sticking to your weight loss commitment?

Make healthy choices

Let’s just get it out of the way: there is no magic way to lose weight – no pill to wash away the pounds or crazy fad diets to melt fat in just 36 minutes. But that doesn’t mean losing weight is hard; getting healthy just takes time. The best way to lose weight is, and has always been, through lifestyle changes that promote a nutritious diet and regular physical activity. That doesn’t mean you need to avoid all sweets or jazzercise until your eyeballs sweat, but it does mean moderation, willpower, and the desire to get active (even if it’s just taking the stairs to the office).

Redefine your relationship with food

The only real way to reach your goal weight is by rebooting your diet. There are many types of diets that work, but they won’t all work for you. For example, if your favorite comfort foods are garlic bread and mashed potatoes, a low-carb diet probably isn’t your path to diet success. But what if you swap your favorites for the occasional indulgence and more regular whole grains? Then you can dine on whole-wheat garlic bread and mashed sweet potatoes whenever you feel the urge.

Exercise: part of the best way to lose weight

The key to effective weight loss that you can maintain is lifestyle changes among others that can be found at For instance, you may notice some avid runners whose workout clothes are emblazoned with the slogan, “I run so I don’t have to diet.” You don’t want to “diet” – you want to adopt healthier food choices that are enjoyable without packing on the pounds. And you want to incorporate everyday activity into your life. You don’t necessarily have to run marathons, but you do want to make an effort to do a little something every day. Play tag with your daughter; throw a Frisbee at the neighborhood park; get off the subway one stop early and walk to work. You’ll be amazed what just a few minutes of physical activity will do for your attitude and waistline.

If losing weight is easier in theory than in practice – and for most of us, it is – then don’t be afraid to ask for help. The nutrition professionals at The Center for Medical Loss customize each diet & exercise program to your personal preferences. Leave the planning and strategizing to the professionals, and save your energy to focus on following through with your New Year’s resolution.

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