Body Fat Percentage

Body Fat Percentage is a Good Measure of Progress

Watching your body fat percentage drop is a good way to track your results while losing weight. If you don’t see results on the scale that seem to match how your body feels, you’re probably developing muscle while lowering your body fat percentage. That’s a good thing and the drop in weight is just a matter of time! Run this Body Fat Percentage calculator every now and then to keep tabs on your progress. A simple measuring tape is the only tool you’ll need for these measurements.

Check out several other fat percentage calculators using different measurements or methods. You will need calipers for any of the skinfold calculators.

A water displacement test is the most accurate way to determine a person’s body fat percentage, but the US Navy or YMCA formula is accurate within 1-3% for most people. People often get uptight about how accurate these results are, but it doesn’t really matter. All you’re watching for is the change that’s happening to your body. So decide which calculator you like best and use that same one each time you measure. Using different calculators will be confusing and inconsistent. The accuracy isn’t really important, but consistency is. If you’re consistent you’ll be comparing apples to apples as you look at your results over time.

Body Fat Percentage (US Navy) Calculator